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COMPUTER SPEED-UP   As time passes, the speed of your computer can slow down. When this happens, what this means is that your system is taking more time to respond to your requests to open files and folders or surf the ‘net.
Speeding up your computer can be time consuming and, without the knowledge and expertise of a competent technician, it may never be fully resolved.
Judson Forks is a PRO. He can show you and explain in plain words what's causing your computer to run as slow as it is. 
Sometimes simply the way you operate your computer, and how and where you save your files, folders, documents and pictures can cause a slow down…
Is your Desktop cluttered with files? Has your computer has been running slower and slower?
Did you know that every time your operating system starts, your computer's operating memory accesses every file on your Desktop? If your desktop files are shortcuts, the amount of memory that will be used is small. But if there are dozens of actual files on your Desktop, they'll use lots more operating memory.
At Simple Upgrade, Judson Forks' dedication to, and concern for, his customers is legendary. He has fans from Seattle and Bellevue to Portland, from Poulsbo to Auburn…and beyond. When you call on him and get to know him better, you'll understand why. He truly cares! Helping people with their computers is his passion. He left a lucrative position to pursue it and he has never looked back.

Judson will show you the right way to save and access files while he cleans up the cluttered areas on your computer.  He'll be happy to explain the simple, easy steps that you can take on a regular basis to ensure the proper and efficient running of your computer.

Contact JUDSON at SIMPLE UPGRADE - 253.250.9413 - for your COMPUTER SPEED-UP needs.
Computer Tacoma
Business Computer Repair: Finding Quality Professionals To Get The Job Done Right!

In today's world you're almost certainly need computers to keep records, run your business, and continue to help your business grow and thrive. While there are many different ways that computers can make work much easier and allow people to achieve more than they ever thought possible without these amazing tools, eventually your computer is going to break. Having a business computer repair specialist that you can trust is crucial to making sure that things move as smoothly and quickly as possible to get you back up online and functioning at 100%.

Hardware And Software Repair Issues
There are many different types of computer specialists out there, and it is important to understand at least the basic difference between the many types of repair services that exist. Hardware problems refer to issues with the physical part of the computer actually breaking down or burning out. This could be a relatively simple repair of a still critical piece like the cooling fans, or you might need to consider an upgrade to add more memory and allow the computer to run programs more efficiently as a result.

Then there were the software repair issues, which can open up massive cans of worms depending on what the problem is. The software issues refer to actual programs are being used. Depending on the type of program, the general computer repair specialist might be able to help out your business or you might have to speak with a customer service representative of the actual company that produces the malfunctioning program. Because software is so different from one case to another, it is always difficult to know how much work will be needed or who to go to in those cases of business computer repair.

Many Specialists Can Do Both
While the software is always much more unpredictable as far as working repairs go, many business computer specialists understand the importance of understanding how software works and being able to help troubleshoot a problem or at least point the client in the right direction to provide the full level of service that will keep them happy. This is why many computer repair experts specializing in business computer repairs can provide services for both hardware repairs and software repairs.

Finding A Quality Provider
There is no doubt that a quality computer repair expert can be a business's best friend. There are many different types of companies that cannot stand up or function with any amount of effectiveness if the computer system is down. This isn't just big business, either. A small business with all the main information on one computer can be even more devastated when the computer system stops working, the backup fails, or the computer and its files are otherwise inaccessible for any reason.

This makes finding a quality provider of repair services all the more important.  Ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends who you trust. Business Computer repair is not something you want to take a chance on as a business! Computer Tacoma has been a trusted business computer repair provider for over a decade.